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Coca-Cola: A Second Life

What If Empty Coke Bottles Were Never Thrown Away?

What started as one water squirter topper for the Thai water festival of Songkran, where getting splashed with water is seen as a blessing, evolved into a global sustainability program for Coca-Cola.  Maxx developed 16 functional cap toppers, ranging from a paintbrush and a spray to a pencil sharpener and a dumbbell.  Coke launched the initiative in Ho Chi Minh City, and consumers received a free package of customized bottle tops when purchasing a multi-pack of Coca-Cola.  Over 50,000 caps were distributed during the program, delivering Coca-Cola’s brand strategy of bringing small moments of happiness to consumers. The campaign generated a huge amount of media exposure including a YouTube video with over 4.2 million views, and the campaign was shortlisted for a prestigious Cannes Lion Award.