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Carnivor DIY

Integrated Solution Model Case Study

Carnivor’s line of premium wines has been a huge success among those who value flavorful wine with a bold finish. The Carnivor man is hungry for intensity, flavor, sophistication, and adventure in all areas of life. He is a leader in style and trends among his friends, boasting a collection of unique and exclusive items such as fashion and homeware. This consumer values the individuality DIY items can bring to their curated collection.

Playing off of this interest, Maxx marketing developed the Carnivor DIY Corkscrew. This item allows Carnivor consumers to own a unique and useful piece while strengthening Carnivor’s position as a premier winemaker.

The DIY Corkscrew program was so successful in 2017 that the Maxx team will be developing a 2.0 version for 2018, which will be launched in the Latin American region. Stay tuned!