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Hong Kong Transit Authority: Innovation Through Licensing

Pay & Display.

Octopus is one of the world’s leading rechargeable smart card payment systems.  Their cards enjoy 100% market penetration in Hong Kong and create a personalized way to execute consumer transactions through the use of popular entertainment licenses.  With more than 20 million cards in circulation (the average consumer owns 2 active cards), Octopus had reached market saturation and needed to encourage consumers to activate more Octopus payment cards. To encourage additional purchases, Maxx introduced the first ever 3-dimensional figurine to elevate the flat, 2D payment card. With new licensed properties issued quarterly, consumers now use the figurines both as a contactless payment tool and as a collectible ornament to wear and display.  Maxx not only creates the new format, but we also recommend and negotiate popular character licenses for use in the program.  These limited-edition figurines routinely sell out within a week of their launch and have featured blockbuster properties including Hello Kitty, One Piece, and Paul Frank.