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Pringles: Pop & Party!

Play The Music.

Food and music are the mainstays of any great party. Portable food appeals to the Millennials need for spontaneity and fun experiences.  Combining both into a marketing program created the opportunity to elevate snacking into a fun experience.  Pringles asked Maxx to design and create an item that evokes the fun and enthusiasm of the Pringles brand while also promoting consumption across the various flavors. Our idea?  The Pringles Party Speaker - a portable speaker that attaches to the top of any empty Pringles can for extra acoustic effect. It not only added value to the Pringles purchase, but it is also a novel eco-friendly solution that upcycles empty cans and keeps them out of landfills.  The program was so successful that it has been repeated in multiple markets, including Asia Pacific, where further enhancements to the speaker include LED lights that pulsate to the rhythm of the music.