Kellogg's Captain America VR Viewer - Maxx Marketing

Kellogg’s: Virtual Reality Adventure

Virtually Drawing Battles Lines

92% of consumers are aware of Virtual Reality (VR) and want to try out the technology themselves.  Experts predict that VR industry sales will reach $80 billion by 2025. Maxx approached Kellogg’s with the idea of leveraging this emerging hot consumer trend and provide an affordable VR experience to consumers through a variety of distribution channels including mail-in, near-pack and in-pack premiums. For the purchase of just three Kellogg’s cereals, customers received a VR viewer and digital code to download an app that immersed them into the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man - the basis for the “Civil War” movie. The full-color VR viewer was easy to assemble out of the actual cereal box and was designed to hold a variety of smartphone sizes.  Maxx developed nearly half a million viewers for the US market, and the program was so successful that it led to its launch in Kellogg’s international markets thereafter.