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Gallo: Steak Lovers' App

Release Your Inner Carnivor.

Meat and wine are a perennial pairing.  To celebrate this, Gallo created a wine that is particularly delicious with red meat and wanted to promote simultaneous consumption of both as part of a branded digital experience.  Maxx was tasked with creating a tool for consumers that promotes the drinking of wine with the eating of red meat.  Our solution was to design a bespoke digital app that teaches Carnivor drinkers how to cook the perfect steak, every time. Users input key information about the cut of meat, cooking method and how well done they prefer into the app. The app’s algorithm then produces a timer indicating how long to cook the meat to get the desired result. The app also encourages users to post pictures of their perfect steaks -overlaid with a unique Carnivor filter - directly to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The digital app recently launched and thousands of customers are turning out perfect steaks with it.