Beyblade Burst: Newest Izumi Curry Restaurant

Beyblade Burst: Newest Izumi Curry Restaurant

Come hungry to eat and play

Maxx Marketing is proud to have help launched Hong Kong’s first Beyblade themed restaurant. Beyblade Burst is again, one of the hottest Japanese anime cartoon series and one of the bestselling toys in the Asian region that appeals to a broad generation of fans.

On May 9th, Izumi Curry unveiled its Beyblade Burst themed restaurant. For consumers to be fully immersed in the Beyblade Burst environment, Maxx Marketing and Izumi Curry designed a line of Beyblade appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks. To create a holistic experience for the consumer, the store is also dressed up with Beyblade Burst Gold Series character visuals throughout the restaurant. To further elevate the instore experience, Beyblade dinning ware, a plate and bowl are used. These are available to be purchased as a take home keepsake.

With the order of special beverages, restaurant goers will take delight in the ability to play with other fans in restaurant sponsored battle areas. All participates are rewarded with badges and stickers after their friendly battles. Those who have waited for the themed restaurant to come to Hong Kong can take pleasure in the opportunity to play with other super fans.

So far the restaurant has been well received by Beyblade fans old and young, who, starting opening day, have been lining up hours at a time to wait to dine in the restaurant.

For a more in-depth look at the activity surrounding the restaurant, check this video here!