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Pringles Tortilla Chips: Dip 'Em or Don't?

Sombrero Bowl

When Pringles wanted a merchandise solution to help launch their new Pringles Tortilla Chips, they came to Maxx.  And what better than a party occasion to activate their new “Dip ‘Em or Don’t?” campaign?  Maxx addressed this strategy by creating the Pringles Sombrero Bowl – a fun-filled sombrero shaped bowl that features a spinning cap with an internal compartment for dips and salsa.  This solution not only delivered a unique way to provide a full can of Pringles Tortillas Chips on a serving tray; it also captured the brand's playful catchphrase and the deeply rooted tradition of snacking with tortilla chips and salsa.  Which, by the way, is the official state snack of Texas!