Press - Maxx Marketing

22 May 2017

Maxx Marketing enters strategic partnership with Licensing Matters Global

Maxx Marketing (Maxx), a WPP Group company, has entered a strategic partnership with Licensing Matters Global (LMG), a full-service licensing agency. LMG will assist Maxx in maximizing usage and managing acquisitions of entertainment, sports, art, corporate brand, and celebrity licenses. Additionally, LMG will be directing Maxx’s outbound licensing efforts.

Maxx is excited to broaden the range of services we offer our clients and is honored to be a part of Licensing Matter’s legacy of prestige and excellence. Our clients’ increasing demand for the widening of licensing advisory solutions meant to further their marketing and financial performance make this partnership extremely timely,” commented Maxx CEO, Michael Kwan.

With over 20 years of global licensing, retail, and brand management experience, Licensing Matters will strengthen Maxx’s positioning as one of the world’s leading marketing and product solution agencies. This partnership represents a significant step forward in the range of expertise and services both agencies will offer their clientele.

Licensing Matters is a global full-service licensing agency.