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21 July 2017

Beer tasting 101? Sign us up!

We take beer drinking seriously – Whether you’re a Stout, Pilser or Lager lover, we believe all beer deserves an equal opportunity on your palate. That’s why Maxx has partnered up with selected publishing houses to bring you the All About Beer Collection. 

Beer tasting 101? Sign us up! 

The beer industry in Latin America is becoming increasingly sophisticated through the launch of new types of beer and the proliferation of craft beer makers. Hundreds of varieties of beer exist, each having a distinctive glass that enhances its unique taste, consistency, and aroma. With this influx of product, Latin American beer consumers are flooded with options.  

Maxx’s All About Beer is a collection of 15 magazines and 15 beer glasses that utilizes the vast horizontal distribution network of national newspapers to take consumers on a journey of discovery through the fascinating world of beer. Each of the 15 beer glasses is accompanied by a magazine chock-full of information about the beer types each glass is suited for, their history, varieties within the type of beer, and even includes food and cheese pairings. From Snifters to Goblets, beer enthusiasts get to experience the flavor profiles of multiple beers straight from their appropriate glasses