Kellogg's: Football Fantasy

Leveraging Football Fanaticism.

Football (soccer in the US) is the world’s most popular sport.  Fans are enthralled by the action and players revel in the physical and strategic gameplay that is required to win.  Kids the world over play this game regardless of their location, equipment or level of experience, and it’s a truly accessible sport.  Kellogg’s asked Maxx to leverage this global love of the sport with a branded idea that coincided with the world’s largest football events. We responded by designing and delivering the first Oofball program for Kellogg’s to celebrate the 2006 FIFA World Cup.  These colorful soft sack balls were packed with vibrant, cool graphic designs that featured characters, country flags and special markings for enhanced game play. Kids loved the colors, the collectability, and the play value – and parents loved the active lifestyle they promote among their children – so much so that for the past ten years, Maxx has designed and produced hundreds of millions of Oofballs for insertion into Kellogg’s cereal boxes the world over.